Dr. Patricia Watts

Licensed Clinical Psychologist





Dr. Watts has been practicing psychotherapy in the Florida Keys since 2005. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, substance abuse and relationship conflicts.


She is committed to helping clients gain the skills to cope with difficult life stressors and symptoms of disorders such as depression, panic and post-traumatic stress. When working with couples, she helps them recognize destructive patterns and provides strategies to interact in ways that are more authentic and that nurture their relationship.


Dr. Watts tailors her therapeutic approach to meet the particular treatment needs of her clients using the most effective treatment based on research evidence. For example, she uses cognitive-behavioral therapy to reduce troublesome symptoms and mindfulness techniques to increase awareness. She adopts an insight-oriented approach to help clients recognize limits they place on themselves as a result of their history and then guides them to forge new patterns of behavior.


Dr. Watts is a full-time resident of the Florida Keys. She has offices in Marathon and Key Largo.





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Patricia Watts, PhD


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